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Picture Day 2021 - February 17

PDHS will have Picture Day Wednesday, Feb 17.  All Covid protocols will be strictly enforced. SMILE!

November Reporting & Parent-Teacher Meetings

Grade 9 - 12 report cards and IPP reports will be distributed electronically Tuesday, November 10. Grade 7 & 8 report cards and IPP reports will be distributed electronically Tuesday, November 24.

Report cards and IPP reports will be sent to the email address provided on the registration form returned in September. To verify these email addresses are up to date in PowerSchool, login to the Public Portal at On the main page, select “SwiftReach SwiftK12” followed by “Contact Information”. If you are unable to login to the Public Portal, please contact the Main Office.  If you have not received a report card by November 12 (Grades 9 - 12), by November 26 (Grades 7 & 8), or you do not have email access, please contact the Main Office at 902-243-3930 so other arrangements can be made to provide you with a copy of your child’s report card.

If you would like to discuss your child’s progress to date with their teacher(s), please contact the Main Office to book an appointment. Scheduled meeting times are 4-6pm Thursday, November 12 and 1-3pm Friday, November 13. If you wish to meet outside of these times, please contact your child’s teacher(s) directly by email or by calling the Main Office. Staff emails can be found on our website Due to Covid-19 restrictions, meetings will take place by phone or video conference.

1:1 Student to Device Strategy

PDHS will be providing all students with an opportunity to borrow a CCRCE device; typically a Chromebook however some Laptops will be deployed.  The purpose of the 1:1 Device Strategy is to reduce instances where technology is being shared amongst students and to allow for a quick transition to remote learning if it is required.  The goal is to have students in grades 10 - 12 who require technology be issued a device on or before Sept. 14th, and the other students who require a device by Sept. 18th.   The attached form outlines the expectations for students should they choose to borrow a CCRCE device.
All students will require a device at school on a daily basis to support learning.  Students have a choice to use a CCRCE device or to use their own device.  Students in grades 10 - 12 who choose to bring their own device cannot use a tablet or cell phone and their device must meet the minimum requirements to run Windoes 8 or above and have a functioning wireless adapter.  Students can also use personal Chromebooks.  Students in grades 7 - 9 can also bring their own device;  a laptop, tablet or Chromebook are appropriate devices.
Regardless of the device being used by students, it is expected devices come to school fully charged.

What to Expect on Tuesday - A Sneak Peek into the Schedule

We are looking forward to seeing you Tuesday.  Following is some insight into the day:

Bus students will arrive after 8:30AM. Walkers/Drivers are to arrive after 8:40AM.


  • Students will enter our school one bus at a time
  • Jr. High students will join their Cohorts in the following locations before going to their Homerooms:
    • Grade 7s to the gym
    • Grade 8s to the Music Room
    • Grade 9s to the Cafeteria
  • Sr. High students:
    • Pick up their information package in the Lobby
    • Directed to first period class


  • Jr. High lunch (11:35AM - 12:15PM)
    • In Homerooms with time outside in Cohorts (gym if inclement weather)
    • Cafeteria services will be available beginning Monday, Sept. 14 (more information to follow)
  • Sr. High lunch (12:05PM - 12:45PM)
    • Students are permitted to leave school property as in past years
    • Students will have access to the Cafeteria, Music Room, and Lobby Area during Lunch
    • Cafeteria services will be available beginning Monday, Sept. 14 (more information to follow)


  • Students will be dismissed one bus at a time beginning at 2:55PM
  • Walkers/Drivers will be dismissed at 3:10PM

For more details regarding the daily schedule, please refer to the attachment.

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Back to School Information

Dear Families:

We hope you and your family are enjoying a safe summer. School is back in session on September 8, and after almost 6 months apart, we are excited to welcome you back. With COVID-19 rates at low levels, students will return to school following the full opening model outlined in Nova Scotia’s Back to School Plan. To learn more about the plan, please visit

We know you have a lot of questions. We do not have all the answers yet, and the answers we give now may change depending on the health of Nova Scotians. If conditions change, our approach will change, including a possible move to either a blended learning model or at-home learning model. The direction to move to a different learning model will be given by Public Health as they assess COVID-19. Should this happen, we will let you know as soon as possible.

As you may have already heard, there are some key changes coming to school in September. This includes:

  • Mask use for all students who ride a school bus.
  • Mask use for all students in grades 4 to 12 and all staff, when they are unable to physically distance
  • Enhanced cleaning in our schools
  • Increased handwashing and sanitizing as students enter and exit school and throughout the day.

While these measures will become commonplace in schools across our province, I want to provide you more details about what your child’s day will look like for this year in the attached PDF document called, Back to School 2020-21 Information Sheet. Please review this important document as it does highlight significant changes you and your family should be aware of for the upcoming school year.

I will be sharing more specific updates before September 8th. Next, I will share more information related to our Jr. High program as well as our Sr. High program.  Such information will include daily routines, homerooms, bell schedule, food services, and other general items.

We realize there is a lot of information about new routines and changes. But, there are some things that haven’t changed. We are still committed to providing the best education and support for your child. Our school will continue to be a welcoming space where we focus on positive relationships between students and staff. When you are talking to your child about coming back to school, please let them know we are excited to see them again.

Working together, we can all help students feel safe and supported when they return to school. Let’s keep the lines of communication open to make this a positive year. Please reach out if you have specific questions or concerns.

Yours in education,

Shawn Brunt


September 2020 - Update

- Classes are scheduled to resume September 8th.
- School Supplies Lists for both Jr. and Sr. High Students are posted under the "Information" tab
- There will not be any Student Fees this school year.
- Non-medical masks are required for all students while in school, except when they are seated at their desks, and only if their desks are spaced two metres apart and facing the same direction. If students can’t sit two metres apart, they must wear a mask while at their desks. Each student will receive two reusable masks.
- Resources regarding the NS Back To School plan can be found at:
- More information will be communicated starting the week of August 24th.
We're looking forward to welcoming you back!


Grade 7 - 11 Annual Awards - Congratulations!

Annual awards typically given out on Promotion Day are available in the attached document. Award winners will receive their certificates and associated prizes in the Fall. Congratulations to all recipients!

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Congratulations to the Class of 2020

Our 2020 Covid-19 Graduation Ceremony took place Tuesday, June 23.  All students in the graduating class took their opportunity to walk across the PDHS stage as they head off towards the next phase in their lives.  The staff at PDHS wishes them all best with their future endeavours.  You can find the video of the ceremony at  A summary of the awards, scholarships, and bursary recipients are available in the attached pdf.

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Graduation 2020 - Tuesday, June 23

Graduating high school is a significant milestone and we are very proud of our graduates for all of their accomplishments both within PDHS and beyond. It is important to acknowledge these accomplishments in a meaningful way, and yet respect the Covid-19 pandemic we find ourselves in.

The graduation of the Class of 2020 will look very different this year due to Covid-19. However we assure you we will make this year's graduation memorable.

Attached is a letter outlining the details of our 2020 graduation as well as the specific procedures for graduation day.

We are looking forward to welcoming the newest members to the PDHS alumni family.

School Access - June 8 & 9

In an effort to return student belongings and have PDHS items returned, one family member will be able to access PDHS by appointment beginning Monday June 8.  Attached is a letter outlining the process to enter our school during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Teachers will be in touch with appointment times.

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