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Graduation 2021 - Information for Graduates and Guests

Nova Scotia schools have been provided direction from Nova Scotia Public Health and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to enable us to move forward with this year’s graduation.

This plan for graduation is:

  • Graduation will take place over two days; June 28 and June 29.
  • Appointment times are in 15-minute blocks:
    • Times can be found in the Graduation 2021 Google Classroom.
    • Times have been allocated in alphabetical order.
  • Each graduate can have a maximum of 6 guests.
  • Graduates are able to pick up their gown, sash, and cap from the Main Office beginning Thursday, June 24.  There is a deposit of $10 due at the time of pickup.
  • The graduation will not be Livestreamed.  A video will be made and posted to Facebook.

The process for graduation is as follows:

  • The Graduate and their six guests are to enter the school using the main entrance (Lobby) at their appointment time and will be greeted by a staff member.
  • Graduates are to provide or complete the Daily Covid-19 Self-Assessment form for themselves and guests as they enter the school.
  • Graduates who have not picked up their gown, sash, and cap will do so from a table and proceed to the gym via the main doors.
  • Graduates and their guests will enter the gym.
  • Graduates will walk up onto the stage as their name is called.
  • Once on the stage, awards/scholarships/bursaries, and future plans will be read.
  • The graduate will pick up an envelope which contains their diploma, any bursaries they received, report card, transcripts, etc. from a table on the stage.
  • Guest will have a couple of minutes to take some pictures.
  • Graduates will continue off the stage and into the cafeteria with their guests for a school-based photo and personal photo.  Masks can be removed at this time.
  • Graduates will leave their gown and sash in the cafeteria in designated bins.  Graduates will keep the cap and tassel.
  • Graduates and guests will leave the cafeteria via the courtyard doors to the parking lot.

In an effort to support a safe and orderly experience for all, we require all graduates and guests follow public health Covid-19 protocols.

  • All individuals entering the building will be asked to complete the Daily Covid-19 Self-Assessment form.
  • All individuals must follow proper handwashing techniques:
  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available as individuals enter and exit the school.
  • It is important graduates adhere to their scheduled time to stay within Public Health gathering limits.
  • A two-meter physical distance must be maintained between all those in attendance unless they are part of the same household or close social group.
  • All individuals must wear non-medial masks that cover their nose and mouth at all times while in the school:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school.

We look forward celebrating the PDHS Class of 2021!


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