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Schedules for At-Home Learning

At-Home Learning Begins Tomorrow -  Friday April 30

Tomorrow is Day A on our Schedule

Jr. High Schedules:

  • Jr. High students will have four hours of course work each day, with no more than two hours online.
  • Jr. High students will have the same courses using a modified Timetable.
    • Schedules are attached
    • Modifield Timetable is attached
      • Note periods 3 and 4 have been reduced to 30 minutes.

Sr. High Schedules:

  • Sr. High students will follow their original daily schedule.
  • Sr. High Timetable has been modified to coincide with the Jr. High Timetable
    • The Timetable is attached
    • Periods 3 and 4, the Double Block, will be one hour.
    • The second hour will take place between 2:00 and 3:00PM

Teachers will reach out to students with more details.


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