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1:1 Student to Device Strategy

PDHS will be providing all students with an opportunity to borrow a CCRCE device; typically a Chromebook however some Laptops will be deployed.  The purpose of the 1:1 Device Strategy is to reduce instances where technology is being shared amongst students and to allow for a quick transition to remote learning if it is required.  The goal is to have students in grades 10 - 12 who require technology be issued a device on or before Sept. 14th, and the other students who require a device by Sept. 18th.   The attached form outlines the expectations for students should they choose to borrow a CCRCE device.
All students will require a device at school on a daily basis to support learning.  Students have a choice to use a CCRCE device or to use their own device.  Students in grades 10 - 12 who choose to bring their own device cannot use a tablet or cell phone and their device must meet the minimum requirements to run Windoes 8 or above and have a functioning wireless adapter.  Students can also use personal Chromebooks.  Students in grades 7 - 9 can also bring their own device;  a laptop, tablet or Chromebook are appropriate devices.
Regardless of the device being used by students, it is expected devices come to school fully charged.

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