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Winter Carnival Week!

Monday – School Spirit Day

Tuesday – Winter Wear

Wednesday – Dress to Impress Your Valentine  (Dance 7-10PM)

Thursday – Winter PJ Day

Friday – Valentine’s Eve


The grades with the school spirit and most students who participate in the day will be counted towards Battle of the Grades.


Here is an explanation of what each day includes:


School Spirit Day – Everyone wears PDHS colors (Red and Black)

Winter Wear Day – Wear your favorite pair of mittens, hat and scarfs. Snowshoe races and snowman building contest events will happen at lunchtime.

Dress to Impress – Students are asked to dress as if they were going to a job interview. Dress code will be implemented. (ex. Boys – Ties Girls – Dresses, Slacks, Skirts)

PJ Day – Wear pajama’s! Also, hot chocolate served at lunchtime. 

Valentine’s Eve – Express yourself and wear Valentine’s colours (ex. Red and Pink).


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